Too much beer?

Glen Humphries, writer of Beer is Your Friend, has great topics for bloggers to discuss with each other. This week’s topic is compulsion, and I’m writing my first session post. I should add that the only reason I found Beer is Your Friend and learned about “The Session” is through reading The Brew Site.

In our house, there are three things that we hoard. Everyone in the family loves books, so we have more than we can keep up with. Not too long ago, my wife got into fiber arts, so we have plenty of yarn, as well as a spinning wheel and a loom. The third thing is, of course, beer.

You’ll notice that the first two items are relatively non-perishable. Some of our books are really old, and some have gotten a lot older since we bought them. Yarn lasts a long time, though it can get dusty. The loom has been around longer than its original owners. It doesn’t make much sense to hoard beer.

Maybe hoard isn’t quite the right word, since I do tend to rotate some out, but I certainly have more than my wife and I could drink in a day or a week, though in an emergency – “you have to drink this to keep the meteor from crashing to Earth” we might manage. The funny thing is tomorrow I’ll be near two of my favorite places to buy beer, and yes, I may buy more.

So compulsion, the theme for today, might be exactly the right word, as it implies little choice. I’m going to be near the beer stores, so I really should drop in. But I do have a choice, and if I’m tired, I might not. I’ve driven past these stores before, but now that I say it, I know I won’t drive past them tomorrow.

 Part of this is because where I live. The beer distributors and stores in our area are getting better, but there was a time when it was exciting news that I could get something as exotic as Blue Moon or Sam Adams without having to leave the county.

So I had to plan ahead. If I was having friends over and wanted to offer a good variety of beer, I had to make sure I was going to get to some of the better stores nearby. But now there are more stores offering a broader selection, and my compulsion hasn’t completely gone away. And, on top of that, I just recently started brewing my own. So now I buy beer and make beer, and give beer away when I have too much and I’m afraid it might get flat.

When I think of compulsion, I can’t help but hear the priest in the Exorcist, “The Power of Christ compels you!” but I don’t think my compulsion is that serious. I enjoy beer. I drink it, I read about it, I occasionally write about it. It’s good stuff, with a variety of topics to explore. Sort of like books, or yarn. That doesn’t really get at why I need to buy more of it when I already have some, but it’s a start. We can talk some more about it when you drop by for a beer.

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  1. Wanda says:

    That’s my boy!

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