TMBG Names and what they do.

There’s been lots of ink spilled on names and identity and those sorts of things. Some churches have been sublimating their denominational name as a means of reaching out to the unchurched. So you get “The Westfield Church” instead of “Westfield Baptist”. I don’t necessarily like it, but I understand it. It reminds me of the video below. It’s a good song, which I think would have gotten more play if it hadn’t been for the band name.

It’s They Might Be Giants, an alternative band that doesn’t get much radio play. I heard it on XM Kids. I wonder how much more play it would get if it was by some anonymous band. Then again, would I have given it a second listen if it WASN’T from TMBG, a band that takes up some space in my CD collection?

This video is just someone’s homemade Youtube video. I couldn’t find a better one on Youtube.