Coffeehouse Theology

Last night three people gathered at a local church, drank some coffee and talked. It was inspiriting. I feel somewhat better than I did in my previous post re: my poor addled brain.

We were gathered to start talking about Christian theology. We spent some time discussing possible subjects and others who might like to participate. Several people couldn’t be there this time, but are planning to join us next time. Next month, we’ll be talking about polygamy. It should be an interesting session and I hope we’ll have a few more folks to share coffee with.

Grace and Peaches.

2 thoughts on “Coffeehouse Theology”

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there but hope to join you next time. Hopefully the wee one will be sleeping better and will go to sleep for dad.

    Polygamy? Interesting. Even more reason to show up!

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