I’m a teacher. I don’t get paid for that skill, but I use it in Karate and at church. I’m decent at it, and more importantly, I’m willing to do it.

But I need something. I can’t keep teaching like this. Karate isn’t too bad right now, since it’s bodily involved, but the classes at church are not inspiring me, so I know I’m not inspiring my classes. I’ve read about the different learning styles, and I understand how different people learn from different styles, but nothing has jumped out at me in recent weeks.

Maybe it’s because I’m in about the third month of the book of Acts and I need a jolt. Maybe it’s the fact that my class seems perfectly happy to just sit back and listen to the few who have questions. Or, that they practically refuse to argue with me. Are they afraid that if they hurt my feelings I’ll quit teaching?

Preparation helps, and I can tell when I’m better prepared. I should work on that, since it’s one of the things that I can actually do. I can’t make the students care more. I can demonstrate how much I care. Keep trying.

One thought on “Teaching”

  1. I think it’s intimidating to sit in a Bible study class. We’re sort of trained to believe that the person standing at the front is the expert, and we wouldn’t dare question the expert on the Bible. It may be less about hurting your feelings and more about asking difficult questions about God. That said, I know what you mean about needing to spice it up a little. But I’m not very good at that, so I’ll just offer my empathy instead of a fabulous solution.

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