Multimedia in the Sunday school room

I want to be able to project, to hook up a computer, to watch, to listen and to teach. I think I might need a nice lcd tv, a projector and an easy way for anyone with a laptop to be able to hook up quickly. Then I have to find a good place to lock it up so that people can get it when needed but won’t lose the remote. What systems are you using in your church? Portability is key. I’m thinking the typical “media cart” since I have one alreay paid for. Now just to find someone to donate a couple grand to get good gear. Oh, and I also want plenty of UM Hymnals, so that’s probably another $500. Too bad I don’t play the lottery.

4 thoughts on “Multimedia in the Sunday school room”

  1. wish i could help you out with that one. the project we use was only like 600 bucks at sams. nothing spectacular, but it works. computer speakers work for most small to medium sized rooms, and can work for large rooms and they are less than 50 bucks.

  2. Oh, I’m just dreaming I guess. I’m looking around at parts and things here and will figure something out. I salvaged a dvd drive earlier, and I’m sure someone’s got some speakers somewhere, so it may not look like much, but if it will do and allow us to have more money for the missions that have been so hard hit lately, that will make it look even better. Do you use a projector?

  3. Believe it or not, garage sales sometimes have these things for much less, a computer for sunday school, $50 !. If you are creative u need about $300 to hook yourself up, look around your church there are things you ca use too….

  4. Some gracious benefactor bought a projector and screen for the church, but most of the time I don't really need all that (and the youth seem to use it a lot at the same time I'd need it). The dry erase board is still my favorite go-to teaching gear, and it means I don't have to plug anything in, but people do learn from pics, so I'll have to keep the yard sales in mind. Thanks.

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