Christian non-Christian music

It now seems trite for a Christian to say “I don’t like contemporary Christian music”, but somebody’s still buying all those cds and concert tickets or there would be no market. And actually, there’s such a broad range of Christian music now that you can’t lump it all together. Several people I know recommended Derek Webb, and that has kept me looking for good Christian music and finding lots of songs and streams that I hadn’t seen before because of the tangled thickets of theologically and musically worthless songs that hid them.

However, I also like songs that have themes that are Christian even though they’re not made for a specifically Christian audience. Musically these songs are often superior to Christian songs because they’re not necessarily starting out with the message in mind. As a good Wesleyan, I see prevenient grace in these songs. God calls even when people may not realize the call is there.

This video is not a complex example of this idea. It’s obviously a humanist perspective. You don’t have to be Christian to appreciate it. It’s also not a new song, just an old one that I came at through a twitter search. The producer’s name is Christian Falk. It’s not a type of music that I am drawn to, but it’s worth hearing.